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Amber at The Fringe Festival

After hearing from Amber during her rehearsal today, it sounds like she is one Busy Bee flitting from one theatrical number to another in preparation for not only a showcase in NoHo, but also a play in NoHo opening up the Fringe and an actual Fringe Festival immersive experience as well.

After joining forces with Touchstone Management in Burbank and later AB2 Talent Voice Over Division in May, Amber is still opening herself to more opportunities for Reps as she has booked 4 hosting spots, 2 films, 2 Singing gigs in LA, and 5 theatrical numbers within the past 6 months.

"I don't want to settle for anything that compromises my values. VO and Hosting has been a safe place for me to go, as well as comedy...but I know every medium has what I'm looking for and I'm willing to find it."

Among many things on her "Bucketlist," The Fringe Festival is one of them and she has virtually landed a double feature her first appearance.

The first production entitled Come to the Light (Pictured Above), at the Secret Rose Theater on Friday, May 31st and Saturday, June 1st both at 8pm. Tickets avail at this link:

Next (Below) is The Fringe Festival with Josh Galitsky (Endorsed by Kristin Linklater) in June: Invincible Summer. Amber is "hoping s'mores will be included."

An immersive experience by seasoned Thespians, shows throughout the Fringe at the OMR Theatre. Details here:

While getting new headshots, Amber mentioned her photographer, Robert Kazandjian, remarked that she is "hustling while [she] is waiting...that is what [Amber] is doing."

A bumble bee is physically too heavy for its wings to fly, but that doesn't seem to bother Am-Bee at all.. See if you can catch her.

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