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Amber: The New Face of After Hours Boudoir

After "Overcoming Obstacles" article reveals how Amber plummets through her career regardless of the circumstances, Amber Rivette is now the face of After Hours Boudoir.

This incredible photography program is used to empower and sophisticate women all over the Los Angeles region, using all shapes and sizes to show true female beauty.

"It was a real honor that Joel [After Hours Boudoir CEO and Photographer] reached out to me. I thought we were just doing a normal shoot, and he proceeded to use our work for his entire site."

What was it like working with Joel?

"Very comfortable. He has various sets at his studio, and he is a well-rounded photographer. He uses your personality type to help you with wardrobe, posing, and even makeup. My favorite part is that he will let you choose whatever band you like on Spotify!" She laughs.

Incoming question from a fan--what band did you choose?

"The Cranberries. I took the 90s for granted when I was a teen, but in my 20s I realized just how good they were! They played mostly the live stuff."

What did this shoot accomplish for you, considering all you've gone through and accomplished in the past year?

"It brought my confidence back. After surgery, a woman can feel--as TLC would say--'Damn Unpretty,' but putting on that dress you never wear and taking a few photos is more cost effective and badass than even shop-therapy!" She giggles.

Any other tidbits?

"The photo used above--Joel told me to wear the dress backward so that the zipper would add some texture and class to the photo. He couldn't have been more spot on! It really added the element we were trying to create. He also makes the models come with minimal makeup because he likes to edit the makeup himself."

Anything you'd like to tell your fans?

"Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I can feel them, they are going a long way!"

There you have it folks, I'm sure we'll be hearing from Amber soon with more news. Until next time.

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