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Amber's Art at The Animation Guild, Burbank

Amber is premiering for the first time ever a painting she has been planning for an actual decade. While sitting in "Art and Faith" class in 2007 at Azusa Pacific University, Bill Catling had introduced to his students a concept of rebirth as the result of the wound in Christ's side according to the Christian faith.

Completely inspired by this concept, Amber decided to make a feminist faith piece depicting the maternal aspects of Christ's death and resurrection. She spent from 2007-2010 growing and cutting her own hair to add an intimate feminine touch to Christ's features. In 2008, a homeless man had randomly given her a large, worn frame at a gas station in Pomona that was the "perfect fit" for the canvas.

Nevertheless, Amber did not sketch the actual design until 2015 and "used this show as an excuse to get it done," she says. Amber refuses to show the actual painting until the night of the showing based on its graphic content. "Plus, I don't want to give it away, I'd rather the viewers see it...there's some texture and added materials that give the piece so much life. You can't see that in a picture of the piece alone."

"The Figure" is an art show that displays the talent of multiple professional artists in LA area using the theme of figure drawing and painting. Reception July 7th, showing all through until the 28th. Come the night of the 7th and view some interesting, beautiful pieces.

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