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Pearls to Swine Screening a Success

Blue and gold twinkling lights adorning the entire outside of Gray Studios in North Hollywood was only second to the gleaming red carpet practically stopping traffic on Vineland Avenue, getting everyone's attention.

"I can't believe how professional this is, "Anlezia Venter marveled in disbelieving delight. "I will definitely have to get pointers from Amber when I make my film."

"This was a very extravagant way to display a short was lovely, she is lovely," Mike Andersen commented.

Extravagant it was. Along the blue and gold light path with actual art pieces etched into the windows on the side and candles gleaming in sand colored burlap leads to an entire barage of people in dim light enjoying Italian food from Alex di Peppes (that Larry di Peppe generously delivered), a beautiful bohemian bartender Moe Sleeper manning the beer/wine bar, sparkling blue cerulean ribbon musing over the guests, and a mystical color-changing shell blowing out bubbles surrounded by Cupcake Wars winner Randi Bailyn's cupcakes complete with white chocolate shells and dinglehoppers. Tim Burton would've been so proud,

Leading into the theater, a dark cobalt washes over the overflowing crowds coming in--too many for even the extra seats placed just in case. The Jazz Punks play outstanding sets of jazz standards & classical rock conglomerations of Nirvana and Pink Floyd.

Amber gets on the microphone thanking the cast & crew. "I wanted to give them a good screening. They deserve it," she said proudly. The audience was entirely gracious, patient, and expectant.

The screening was short and sweet. "I know she said the film was ten minutes, but when it was over, I was like--wait! I want more!" Jeremy Simmiens laughed. "It would be cool to see her make this short film series into an entire feature."

"I didn't know Amber could sing like that..." said a good one third of the audience coming out.

While many have asked to view Pearls to Swine online, Disney festival rights will only allow Amber to show this film with live audiences. "The festival rights last for two years. We haven't gotten it into a festival yet, we are crossing our fingers and praying hard." Let's get this film into a festival!

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