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Amber finishes shooting with The Conjuring 2

Being short has finally paid off for Amber, as she was Blessed enough (literally, the set was Blessed by a priest at the WB shooting stage) to be a stand-in for the lead actor Benjamin Haigh who plays Billy Hodgson in TC2.

Interestingly enough, Benjamin is the grandson of the actual child who went through the horrors of Enfield generations ago. Amber not only was able to interact with the amazing cast and crew, but also the original Lorraine Warren and sit in the actual chair of Enfield that rocked by itself. While the chair has since been delivered, Amber found herself praying over some of the other items from the original Enfield house (photos of the family, heirlooms) that still had an ominous presence.

Amber raves about the cast and crew. "I've never met so many amazing and selfless people who are so great to work with on a set," she exclaimed. "James Wan remembers everyone's name instantly and isn't afraid to Saturday-Night-Fever-slide on his knees to quickly depict a shot that fits the frame best. He went over and beyond for each scene...and while it so much extra time, it worked." Amber also got the chance to work with Don & Michael Burgess, the father-son duo that "killed" the cinematography in each scene. "It was so neat getting to work with the Back to the Future cinematographer and his son, they are both so talented, " Amber marveled. "At one point due to time constraints, they had to separate and shoot various scenes simultaneously. They kept their cool and did such a good job."

Amber is so proud to have met this humble, amazing people who made such an invaluable production. She does her best to keep in touch with each and every one of them.

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