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Amber Works with Compassion International!

Amber's very favorite organization, Compassion International, invited her to lead tours for them at an outreach in Las Vegas. Amber "has never felt so honored." She cried the first couple times she took the tour herself. The Compassion team was "delighted to have Amber on board. We hope to work with her again."

Amber and her husband Ryan have sponsored 3 children total in the past 10 years and will continue to sponsor all of them "until they're too old!" Amber got to visit her oldest child in Haiti in 2007. She dreams of one day getting to sing with him onstage, as Jean-Rony "loves to sing." Amber and Ryan are also Compassion Artists with their band, SammysezSo. They take Compassion literature with them on their tours so that people will sponsor more children.

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