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Amber's First Film: Pearls to Swine

As a New York Film Academy requirement, every actor must write or adapt, produce, and lead as an actor in their own film. NYFA provides the bare minimum camera equipment and sets the bar.

Amber wrote a dark, comedic "After happily ever after" adaptation of The Little Mermaid with the collaboration of her mentor Anne Moore and Director Nick Wyatt. With inspiration from Tim Burton, Amber has always wanted to play Ariel in more of a dark, punk version.

The film is to be showcased at Gray Studios in North Hollywood with Red Carpet this Friday, November 11 2016 (Veteran's day, come in cocktail or in uniform) from 7 to 11pm. There will be food, drinks, and musical accompaniment by The Jazz Punks ...a dark under the sea theme with a soulful twist to parallel the film's intent. Disney and Universal Music Group rights reserved for the film to be successfully screened and entered into festivals. Parking on Vineland/Chandler.

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