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Amber's Artistic New Year

Amber Rivette wanted to start the New Year right by creating her mixed media paintings again. This mixed media piece is made of acrylics, leaves, and sticks. Amber made this art piece as a special gift for one of her closest friends Chiffon Valentine of Naturally Red Productions. Chiffon gave her time and effort to help Amber produce her very first adapted play and film (My Name is Rachel Corrie, adaptation from Alan Rickman & Pearls to Swine, Created by Amber Rivette in collaboration with Nick Wyatt--see blogs below). Amber chose the concept of the Frog because Chiffon is endearlingly known as a beautiful lil' frog to their NYFA alumni group, "The Fab 5." Amber wanted to capture the beauty of Chiffon and her heart as a frog with dancing fireflies all around her (Goldleaf).

This paining was a sincere release for Amber to start her New Year fresh with love and thankfulness for true friends in the industry. This was made with the musical inspiration of Smashing Pumpkins B Sides.

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