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Amber's Directed Play "My Name is Rachel Corrie"

Amber Rivette is "Insanely proud" to announce that this play--originally adapted by Alan Rickman--was a "huge" success with the audience.

The play not only booked full house each night (including the dress rehearsal), they had to bring at least 20 more chairs in to fully accommodate the demands of this play. Also, because of the response, the play would end with a Q&A at the end of each night to process the content.

Amber took the original one-woman show of Rachel Corrie's real-life story in Gaza and divided her into 48 characters, played by 12 actors who also act as chorus members. The play's dynamics were similar to Matthew Shepherd and character-inspired by the Bob Dylan Film Biography "I'm Not There"--which was not limited to gender or race, but was rather capturing the spirit of her character throughout each of her complex phases.

As if Amber would stop there. She also created an art installation around the play inspired by its theme and hired her friend Alexandra Rose Mores to bake gluten-free vegan cupcakes as an audience prop for the joke in the beginning of Act I so that "anyone could participate if they wanted to."

While the play had some controversies with a minority amount of people, the majority was positively impacted. Amber's advisor, Travis Michael Holder, is a practicing Jewish man who instructed her well and all the organizations that she referred people to for more information were also mainly Jerusalem-Jewish based, or in alliance with them.

Elders claimed "the lighting was sophisticated" and that most of the actors "had their best work should be really proud, Amber."

Amber feels "blessed to have a chance to work with these amazing actors and all the people who helped [her] along the way."

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