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Amber Spreading The Holiday Cheer!

This is the first year ever Amber has gotten to be a Christmas elf. This amazing and kind event was held for children with cancer at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA. Characters face painted, twisted balloons, and took photos with children.

Amber met Randi Emmans Bailyn on the Conjuring 2 set & was literally enthralled with the non-profit Randi created called "Project Backpacks for the Holidays <3." Amber was so excited about the project that she and her husband Ryan found food and supplies for the homeless for 100 homeless people, gathered some backpacks from her old Glendora high school friend Marcus Bryan (who is now a coach there), and delivered 150 backpacks with Moe Sleeper. In total, Randi received donations enough to donate to 300 homeless people and it was the greatest success this year! Amber is so thankful to meet such beautiful people inside and out here in Los Angeles!

Sarah Heralda invited Amber to give Christmas presents to Veterans at the Veteran Hospital in Beverly Hills. Amber took her two friends Randi Emmans Bailyn and Brittney Price to spread their beauty and cheer to heal these men inside and out! Amber is proud of her beautiful and sweet friends, thankful for the service of these valiant men, and happy to get the opportunity to serve in such a fun way.

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